Daisy Yan DU

Professor Daisy Yan DU received her PhD degree in East Asian Studies and PhD minor in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2012. She worked as a tenure-track assistant professor and director of undergraduate studies in Chinese at the University of Miami in Florida before she joined the faculty of the Division of Humanities at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in August 2013. She is interested in animation, film, media, feminist film criticism, critical race/ethnicity studies, transnational film studies, modern Chinese literature and visual culture, women/children/animal/machine/technology, travel/migration/diaspora, and modernity/modernism studies. Her first monograph, Animated Encounters: Transnational Movements of Chinese Animation 1940s-1970s, was published by the University of Hawaii Press in 2019. She is currently working on two monographs tentatively titled Plasmatic Empire: Animated Filmmaking in the Manchukuo Film Association (1937-1945) and Suspended AnimationRecently she started a new research project on women animators in China and is editing a few volumes about animation and new media. She is the founder of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies (https://acas.world/), which is dedicated to introducing and promoting Chinese animation to the English-speaking world.

Email: daisyyandu@ust.hk