17 Years Later

Title: 17 Years Later

Type: Documentary

Length: 29:37 minutes

Studio Name: Ultramarine Studio


This film documents the everyday life of a frontline nurse in Hong Kong during the 2020 pandemic. 17 years ago, Hong Kong suffered a serious attack from SARS. A nurse officer working in the Accident and Emergency Department of a local hospital has experienced all the ups and downs during that time. With the experience as a frontline nurse during the SARS outbreak in 2003, she becomes a frontline warrior once again in 2020 to fight against the coronavirus. In addition to the role of a nurse, she is a daughter, wife, and mother of two children. She uses her professional knowledge and experiences to safeguard her patients and her family. Having a nurse in the family is a blessing during the 2020 pandemic. The nurses are the true heroes of the 2020 pandemic.



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