Stay Home in Seoul

Title: Stay Home in Seoul

Type: Half Fictional and Half Documentary

Length: 19 minutes

Studio Name: Mafia Studio


This film portrays the impact of the 2020 pandemic on college students who took online classes. The protagonist of this film, who lives in Seoul, South Korea, is a third year student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In the beginning, he does not realize the severe consequences of the pandemic and even feels ecstatic for having no school, believing that the coronavirus has brought him the freedom of a college life he has never dreamed of. He does not pay any attention while having online classes, sleeping, playing video games, and watching TV to his heart’s content. He even makes a small fortune by selling his masks hoarded up for a flu prior to the coronavirus outbreak. As the pandemic deepens around the world as time goes by, however, he gradually feels tired of his “freedom” and isolation at home. He starts to miss his life back in school and look forward to the day when he can fly to Hong Kong…



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