The Last Five

Title: The Last Five

Type: Half Fictional and Half Documentary

Length: 11:39 minutes

Studio Name: MY VISION


Have you ever thought of how to spend your last moment in your life? What if you have to spend your last moment during a pandemic? A young girl, who is diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, can only live for 5 months. She takes a long time to accept her illness and plans her to-do list, at the time when the government announces that there is a case of coronavirus in Hong Kong. Her plan is totally screwed up as she has to spend her last five months during the 2020 pandemic. Unfortunately, there are only 5 masks left in her home! She can only live like other Hong Kongers, like wearing masks and queuing… She does not want to spend her precious time this way and starts to reflect on the meaning of life, and her attitude has changed. Finally everything comes to the end…



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